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Re: Aftermath of pancreatic surgery

I truely feel like a miracle at times. When my symptoms first appeared I was getting abdominal bloating feeling; nausea, rarely vomiting. After several CT scans I was referred to a surgeon in Philadelphia. He felt that surgery should NOT be done. His concern was that first I am diabetic and recovery for a diabetic is an issue but more of a reason was that I was born with 1 kidney and have kidney disease of the 1 kidney that I do have.

The gastrologist that I was seeing had problems that surgery was not recommended. We didn't know if the mass that was found was premalignant or malignant.

If it was pre-malignant the issue was whether it would eventually become malignant. And if it was malignant already then the issue was to stop it from spreading.

So my gastrologist referred me to another surgeon at a completely different hospital. The recommendation was that surgery SHOULD be done. So in January of 2007 it was done and did come back premalignant. I thank my gastrologist for his persistence. I truly believe that if surgery was NOT done as initially suggested that I question if I would still be here or not to talk about it.

But since that time I have had several episodes, sometimes severe, where the bloating was extreme and pain associated with it. A CT was done just to make sure the mass didnt reoccur at another spot on the pancreas. It came back I was fine.

I have been thru several Hydrogen Breath Tests and always showed that the cause of my bloating was a bacterial infection. Since they removed the tail of the pancreas and the spleen I wonder if the abscense of the spleen can be responsible for the infections.

I can drink water etc and nothing really seems to relieve the symptoms. In the past I have been put on a high dosage of anti-biotics that seems to help. I have another breath test scheduled for next week. Then I will get the results the next day. I am assuming that this is going to be a re0ccurring problem for me.

Last year I did go thru a colonoscopy just to rule out other possibilities. The colonoscopy was fine.

I was 53 when my problems with pancreas started. I will be 60 in a few months.

My gastro doctor told me prior to the surgery how risky it is to go thru the surgery. Because of what had to be done he felt obligated to tell me that I may not make it thru surgery. I always want to know the benefits vs. risks of any surgery. I felt doing the surgery was the right decision for me. I have no regrets for the decision that I had made.

I've tried to google information on the bacteria but came up empty handed. I need more information from my gastro doctor as to specifically what type of bacteria I am dealing with. And if the absence of the spleen can be a contributing factor. And if there is anything I should or shouldn't be doing so that I can avoid or at least reduce the number of episodes of the bacteria returning.