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Re: Aftermath of pancreatic surgery

We are miracles and in my opinion without the Whipple we would not be here.
I have a serious pain after eating some 4-5 times weekly in the center of my chest that lasts for several minutes when the food starts to digest. The Doctor's have no idea what it is, so no treatment. I'm not complaining and it is just a reminder that the PC is gone. Another issue of the whipple is bowel movements, very large and very frequent. Another reminder that I am alive.

I saw a Doctor recently when I was taken to ER for heart problems that saw me in 2005 for PC. His statement was "Some patients you remember and some you don't, but if anyone told me that seven years later I would be treating you for heart disease I would not have believed them".

I hope they are able to determine a fix for you.

Good luck to you.

All the Praise goes to God