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Need advice and opinions of hyperthyroidism

As I previously stated in my other posts, endocrinologist called me and told me I had Graves Disease/hyperthyroidism. SO I went to a second appt to discuss treatment and he advised on RAI ablation of thyroid. I have made no decision. Second, he informed me that they were no longer accepting my insurance and I would have to find another Endo. Saw another endo yesterday---took all my records and tests. She asked me if I had ever had a cat scan with contrast---and yes last Sept. 2012 I did have one on my neck for enlarged lymph nodes.Was referred to ent dr, and he sent me for ultrasound and biopsy of 2.9cm mass on left side of thyroid--also another nodule over 1cm that they never biopsied. Anyway this new endo did new lab work and more lab tests yesterday and will call me back in a few days and I have to see her again in six weeks. She said that first of all the other nodule needs to be biopsied, she does not want me rushing to get the RAI--she said when she calls me after lab results next week she may put me on another med, also taking propanolol 3 x a day due to rapid heart beat. Could the contrast scan have caused this? and could it be reversible??? anyone else ever have this issue? Graves disease does run in my family and I know this new endo wants to be cautious.

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