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Re: COPING WITH OCD - tips? tricks?

OCDers are extremely strong people since we suffer from these awful intrusive thoughts (obsessions). I have had OCD since I was 15 and I have had 2 really bad episodes. One with compulsions and one with obsessions. When my obsessions started due to grad school, I knew I needed to see a therapist. I went to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which really helped me. I would write down my thoughts and challenge them. Also, I would record my thoughts on my Iphone and challenge them. Then, I would listen back and laugh at how silly they really are. I have to separate myself from the OCD thoughts bc I know they are not real, they are just part of my severe anxiety disorder. We have to remember that there is something wrong with our brain and there is nothing wrong with us. I believe medication helps, but it is not the answer. I am on Luvox, Abilify, and Klonopin. They are working, but I still have OCD "episodes". Just remember that these thoughts are just your OCD playing tricks on you. We do not want them there. No matter how horrible they are, we will never act on them. We are actually very intelligent people. So keep believing in yourself and stay strong! We will fight through this!! No one really knows how strong we actually are!!