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If you take this, can you please tell me your thoughts on it? My neuro wants to prescribe it for me but I'm worried to take it without having a diagnosis or knowing what's causing my symptoms. If you take it, have you experienced any bad side effects? Does it help you at all? I have heard bad things about it and not sure I want to take it. My neuro is waiting to hear back from me on it before she prescribes it.

Thanks for any input!
I have nueropathy in my feet due to vascular disease. I have had two surgeries to improve blood flow but my nueropathy remained. I was placed on 600mg of GABA before bed. It made me so tired I could not get out of bed. I have now had the blessing of dealing with two great physicians; my neurologist and podiatrist. My nuero told me to take 100mg in the morning, 100 mid afternoon and 400 at 6pm. This helped a lot. We have now scaled back the dosage over the last month to 400 total and my pain is manageable. Being tired is the biggest side effect for me but was mitigated by spreading doses over a day. The podiatrist has made a huge difference! When I first saw him he tested my feet fo nueropathy and asked what pain I was feeling and where. He recommended some new balance insoles and some sneakers for more forefoot padding. He asked me what moisturizer I was using on my feet. I told him I really didn't use one very often. He said he asked because my feet looked dry and dry skin can cause additional discomfort for those with nueropathy. I told him I had tried nuergel and others but they never worked. He told me to use eucerin cream every morning and every night for a month and see if it made a difference. I could not believe the difference in 1 month. Much of the burning I had was from dry skin. I now see him every 6 months. Good luck in this. It took me a long time to find docs who could help..but I got there eventually!