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Re: new labs, advice please (part 3)

hi everybody,

wow has it been that long since I updated my thread? I'll do my best to add some previous stuff later on.

For now new labs are in and the sage continues: TSH: 0.1; FT4 1.02 (or 69 %) and FT3 3.66 (83%). sigh

75 ptu + 162 mcg T4 + 12 + 3 mcg T3 (PTU and T4 has been unchanged for months now but T3 has been with and without the 3 mcg)
I have the impression but can be very wrong. with 3 mcg T3 extra, I end up having my FT3 too high, BUT without it it drops significantly (as my previous posts show somewhere in the 20 %) and I do feel quite hypo. (not like little bit, I'm really back down).
1) I think it's pretty crazy and I cannot understand how such a little dosage would make such a big difference.
2) or would it be that the FT4 is too low and that makes the decrease in T3 that significant?
3) most importantly now what? I cannot have smaller amount T3, these are already capsules the pharmacist makes from 25 mcg tablets so not sure how to go.

4) My crazy mind came up with the idea to go on a holiday. Yes indeed, within 2 weeks I'm going. as such great of course (well I hope so) but I really have to feel better or I wont be able to make it. I have no plans as such other then to sit there in the sun :-) that as such would already be nice since as most of you know I have been pretty sick since I got sick and consequently not been able to do much of anything.

Any advice on the labs/dosage would be dearly appreciated! thanks in advance

ow yeah maybe some symptoms might be convenient too:
- tired (ups and dowsn)
- bloated extreme and the stomach ulcers of course. (not saying this is completely to be reduced to thyroid, but so far nothing else has been found yet which can explain it and I do feel it's somehow related - time will tell)
- diarrea (but sometimes constipated too)
- acne (less but still on chin)
- numbness in hand and feet not too bad though
- foginess
-dragging myself and people get on my nerve again
-teary eyes
- stuffed nose
- heartrate somehow better, sometimes even quite low (very new for me)
-mentally not all that sometimes having a real hard time to keep hoping I will find my sweet spot and to cope and hang in there
- frozen chills again
- sometimes clammy hands but not constant
(will complete this later on)

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