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Possible HIV and other STD exposure

On a business trip to South Africa I drank way too much and had unprotected sex with a CSW, which was by far the biggest mistake of my life. About 4-5 days later I had burning sensation and urgency to urinate. I went to a GP a week later at which time I was tested for several STDs including Chlamydia, Gonnerhea, HIV, HBV, HCV, Syphilis, UTI, etc. The only thing that came back positive was the UTI. So I went on Ciproflaxon. And being ignorant to the window periods I thought I was ok and had sex with my wife. After the cipro treatment I still had symptoms, so I went to another doctor at a different location where I was tested for the UTI again which came back negative, but they gave me doxycycline. After another week I still had symptoms and was prescribed flagyl and continuation of doxycycline. After a few more days the urination symptoms were gone, which led me to believe I may have had Trich, but was never tested for that and from what I read doesn't usually show symptoms in men. So at this point I was more aware of window periods and became very stressed about possible HIV or Hepatitis infection. I went to get the HIV I/II duo test at 5 weeks and 6 weeks which both were negative and I had a Hep B/C test at 5 weeks and 8 weeks which both were negative. Also other STD tests were done again at 5 weeks and all negative. I feel like my lymph nodes may be swollen, have fatigue, have neck tension and various stomach pains and my stool has been yellow for about 2 and half weeks now. Currently I am at day 61 from exposure (almost 9 weeks) and my wife has now been complaining of fatigue for the last week or so and had felt sick a couple of times but never vomitted, so this is scaring me even more that I passed something on to her. The stress and anxiety is overwhelming and I find it hard to function normally. Every little symptom I notice in me or my wife cripples my ability to do anything and all I do is worry and I don't want her to do the same by telling her if everything is fine. I will go and get tested again at the 12 week mark. Since I live in west africa I also doubt the reliability of testing and I now find myself scouring the net in search of reassurance that I haven't contracted one of these.

HIV Tested at 1 week (not sure of type of test) the doctor did not say I needed to come back and did not give any other information but test was negative

HIV Test at 5 and 6 weeks they said was the HIV I/II antigen antibody test so I assume this was the p24 duo both were negative

Hepatitis B/C tests at 1 week, 5 weeks, 8 weeks all negative.

What are the chances I will remain negative?

What advice do you have?

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