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Temporal headaches and ear pain!! What could it be? Please help

For at least three years I have been having left temporal pain. I went to the doctor and was treated for migraines, was also told that it could be my nose so I had a rhinoplasty, told it was allergies so I am now on allergy shots and the latest was told that it was my wisdom teeth so they were extracted. With no luck and the the pain becoming more stabbing it has moved into my ear and neck. Sometimes the pain is in my left ear and neck, sometimes just in my left temporal and most frequently in both. There is pretty much not a day that goes by that i dont have a headache and ear pain. When it hurts in both turning my neck from side to side, raising my head or bending over send sharp pain into my temporal and ear. I sometimes get nauseated and have teeth sensitivity and jaw pain and my dentist doesnt really see any signs of tmj.taking aleve only seems to dull the pain. Please offer any advice on what this could be. Thank you.

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