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Question Do I Trust The Dr?

Im new here...hoping for wisdom and maybe just comfort. Here's my history. I am 43 years old. Started smoking at age 10 (yes that early nuts I know) I was always a heavy smoker. Quit briefly in 1997 for one year then picked up the habit again until I quit cold Turkey February 15, 2009. I smoked for 30 years - last June 2012 I began feeling short of breath. My Dr contributed it to me being of shape and told me to exercise more. It was so bad just bending would make me pant. Then in October I coughed up three blood clots. Went to ER. Lung xray was clear they checked for sinus polyps and TB. All were inconclusive. After reading these boards I requested a lung CT Scan. The Dr didn't see the point because my xray was clear. The scan showed a 6mm nodule in "upper right lobe" uncalcified probably a granular nodule. They suggested 6 month repeat scan. I just had this repeat scan early this month. (5 month interval) a different radiologist read it. Stated a "sub centimeter nodule" located in "interfissure" of right middle lobe. A 1 year follow up CT scan was recommended. So there seems to me that there is a discrepancy in location. Both the Dr and radiologist agree this is the same nodule but can't explain the location difference. I still experience shortness of breath but don't cough bloody sputum now.I am so frightened by all of this. Plus having to put my life in the hands of Drs I don't entirety trust. I thought 1 year was a long time to wait given my history. Both. Grandfathers died of lung cancer. I now have a pretty bad upper respiratory so scared....

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