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Lightbulb Re: Conflicting Opinions On Rebif and Pregnancy

Hi ChrisRenee79, I am new to this group. I found this message board through a google search because I am concerned about the same exact thing you describe in your post.

I am 31 years old, have pretty much had trouble with MS since late in 2009. Been on Rebif since March 2012. Got married May 2012 and my DH and I are trying to conceive our first child.

Little bit of hx:
I had MRI scans back in January 2012 to confirm dx of MS before I was put on Rebif. The scans showed 2 new lesions and one was 'active' (prior to this new activity I only has 1 lesion back in 2010). Was then prescribed the Rebif, March 2012. been on it a year with no huge issues. Had my yearly MRI scans done this past February (2013) and the results showed 2 'new' lesions. All this while I had been on Rebif for almost a full year.
Having these results, my neuro recommended me to stay on my Rebif while trying to conceive.

Every other source out there contradicts this method. MS Lifelines, my MS nurse, the box label on Rebif and other MDs say to be off at least one month before TTC.
Soooo.... I am in this quandary as you are.

I actually compromised with my neuro cause I was so concerned with this method being on Rebif while TTC. So currently, I take my Rebif MWF 2 weeks out of the month. When I get a positive 'LH surge' from my ovulation kits, I stop Rebif for that week and the following week before my next period. This way, IF i DON'T get my next period and confirm a pregnancy, I just stop all future injections. If my period arrives, I just continue my Rebif like normal.

So the plan behind this is to try and conceive when the Rebif levels are lower as you are not injecting the week of ovulation and implantation. My neuro and my Rebif nurse said the Rebif will still be in your system for at least 3 weeks after your last injection.

I get that but for me, not taking the shots while trying to conceive makes me feel a little better. Still confusing and scary anyway you slice it for me though.....

Hang in there and hopefully, you are pg!!!

Originally Posted by ChrisRenee79 View Post
I haven't posted in a while because there has been so much going on for me in the past year. I have been feeling relatively well save for a few changes in my nerve pain and my vision lately, but now I feel like I have a bit of a dilema...
My husband and I want to start trying for a baby soon and although I have been talking to my Neuro about what I should do about staying on or going off of Rebif before we start really trying I wanted to hear from others about what they have experienced... He says that if I am testing regularly that I can stay on Rebif until I have a positive pregnancy test and then to immediately stop taking it but I have also heard that you should be off of Rebif for at least a month before even trying to get pregnant. I would love to hear from anyone that has gone through this process, I'm a bit afraid to get pregnant while on Rebif, but I'm a bit afraid to go off of it and risk a relapse if it takes 6 months or so for us to get pregnant.