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My partner is unable to get wet...

I have been with my girlfriend for 4 months and we have a lot of chemistry. We go very well together, except for when it comes to sex. We are a lesbian couple, I am eight years younger than her. When she touches me I am instantly wet, and sexually anything she does I enjoy. But when I touch her and try to please her she stops me, usually because she is not wet. Even when I make her wet orally she dries up so quickly. Before me, she was only with men, but I have been with many girls who have only been with men who don't have this problem. I tell her that I think it's my fault, she thinks its her fault. It has really caused a huge strain in our relationship. We use lube, and toys, but these are both things she does to herself. We have tried to go away and have sex because a family member lives t her home, it does not help. We have tried many different things and I am at a loss. Can someone please help me?!

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