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Re: Parathyroid and Negative Ultrasound, Help!

Originally Posted by ClaireC View Post
Hey all, I'll try to make it quick. Got sent to an ENT surgeon by my endocrinologist last month after him telling me I DEFINITELY had a parathyroid adenoma, because there was no way my calcium and PTH would look like that otherwise. Went to the ENT, who said he wanted to do an ultrasound first and then he'd schedule me for surgery. I was thinking I was finally going to have my health problems cured (I've been seeing various doctors about this for a year now...)

Then: negative ultrasound. It was performed by a lab tech, who said my glands looked normal. The ENT doctor also said that after. He said my high-PTH high-calcium reading could have been an "isolated case" and that "these things move around all the time."

So I went back and checked my earlier labs (the endo had been monitoring my calcium and PTH for a while) and here are the numbers:

May 2012 PTH 55, Calcium 9.7
May 2012 PTH 46, Calcium 10.6
June 2012 PTH 60, Calcium 10.6
July 2012 PTH 44, Calcium 10.6
Oct 2012 PTH 81, Calcium 10.7

The calcium is almost always high. However, depending on what scale you're using (and I am assuming the ENT surgeon is using the "below 65 = normal" scale) my PTH has never been high except for this last test, it's just been high-normal.

On the other hand, if my calcium is high, shouldn't my PTH be LOW most of the time?

EDIT: I should also add that my endocrinologist ordered a sensamibi scan earlier in the year but that also was a negative. He was treating me for low vitamin D also but that didn't help.

Please tell me I'm not crazy (or if I am crazy, be gentle ). I'm about to try to set up with another surgeon, but I don't want to go through all that again and be told there's nothing wrong yet another time...
Hi Claire
I am going through something simular to what you are. My calcuim level first came back at 17.6 and the second was 16.5 and it has not drop below 15.6. My levels are way to high. My Dr sent me to a surgen too, saying I had Parathyroid tummer, well surgen did a nuc scan and said there is no tummer and my glades and levels where normal...well next they tested me for lemphoma..that came back neg. They did find cyst in my breast 5 to be exact and cyst on my thyroid. My mom had thyroid desease and now has stage 3 breast cancer, but I can't seem to get them to listen to me. I'm in pain every day. They just keep telling me that they don't know why...well I go again tomorrow to dr....I am going to demand an answer...don't give up and be pushy and if they don't give you answers get new dr...I'm going to..good luck.

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