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Re: Parathyroid and Negative Ultrasound, Help!

Originally Posted by ClaireC View Post
Hi all, this is the OP.

Thanks for the replies Turns out you were right. After posting that I booked another surgeon for a second opinion. This one had an ultrasound machine right there in her office and found a tumor within about 20 seconds. She then ordered a sestamibi, which confirmed it. I had the tumor out this week and I'm doing well So for anyone else who is reading this, NEVER LISTEN to a doctor who tells you that a negative ultrasound means anything at all!

I'm still really mad at the first surgeon... I could have avoided several months of fatigue, depression and terrible bone pain if he had actually known how to do his job. On the other hand, I'm glad that the person who ended up doing the surgery seemed to actually know what they were doing. Who knows, the first guy might have ended up taking out the wrong gland

kselibrary76, if you're worried about scarring you might want to check out silicone scar sheets once the stitches are gone and it's healed up a bit... you can buy them on Amazon, and you just stick them over the scar when you're asleep at night and within a few weeks it has softened and faded. I've used them before on other scars and they're really good.

I hope that all made sense, I'm still on a bit of vicodin from the surgery
I hope this makes you all smile. It cracks me the heck up.

I go to see the endocrin for my post surgery check up and he looks at me and says, "K! He did a phenomenal job. That scar is so deep in the deepest crease of your neck you can hardly see it." I suppose that was a compliment. I was choking with laughter.

I still have a little bump to swallow around, or that is what it feels like, and still have some minor bone pain (they think that is because I got osteo in the spine from all this and it is affecting my legs, I have piriformis syndrome now), but all in all...SUPERB. 6 years. SIX FREAKING YEARS I tried to get someone to listen.

I'm so glad you are all feeling better. I look forward to feeling more and more like myself.

Vit D is low, so we're working on feeding those bones