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Re: Ulnar shortening

I want to start by thanking you MountainReader and booboo31 I have read all your postings on Ulna shortening and have found interesting and helpful.
8 weeks ago I had Carpal Tunnel release done on my right wrist and my surgeon also decided to have a look around at my Ulna head etc as my MRI showed signs of Ulna impaction. On the 24th April I under went ARTHROSCOPIC PROCEDURE to repair Ulna quadrant radio carpal surface of the lunate (pior chondroplasty) and debridement of triangular fibrocartilage and 3mm 45 degrees Ulna shortening.
I spent 2 nights in hospital more due to low blood pressure, I only had a soft forearm bandage on until the day I was discharged and Hand Therapist took my drain out of my arm which I found very painful, then made a short forearm removable splint and had me doing arm exercises straight away. After my 2nd day home I took myself of the pain tablets as they made me feels sick, so have only been using Panadol to manage the pain which has been hard but getting there. After a week from surgery I have started using ice packing to help with burning pain in the arm. I am returning to hand therapy on Friday and to also have three staples removed. I also have an appointment with my specialist on Friday to discuss surgery on my left arm.

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