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Originally Posted by CLAUDIAJO View Post
Hello Claudia here. I haven't gone for surgery, however hopefully someone on this post that has gone for surgery will respond. I just wanted to say to be sure to see a neurologist as this person specializes in the peripheral nerves involving the brain and ear. Sending lots of wishes your way that you will help you get to the bottom of what is causing this for you. ~Claudia~
Thanks Claudia.
I am seeing an ENT now and have MRI. I'll have to check on your recommendations. I am fortunate to live close to some great facilities by the University of Virginia. At least I feel somewhat confident in that.
It's truly amazing how last week my hearing in one ear just faded out and the constant loud noise/hissing that has been going on. They said I have severe nerve damage. One day I was fine the next deaf in one ear!!