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Re: Ulnar shortening

It is amazing how different specialist work with patients. I have had a good day today being one week from surgery but icing heaps, yes great wrist ice wrap I will search that soon and buy one
It is amazing how much my rom has improved in one week I can feel a lot of pulling like tight elastic pulling, but my specialist said that would feel that. I will be interested to see the measurements on Friday of how well I have done with my rom.
You know when reading your story's and going through it myself it was great as I knew the right questions to ask , and was not left wondering.
I worry about the plate and hope that it does not cause any issue's. How does yours feel ?
My BP has settled down so happy with that when I am resting watching tv I take my splint off and icing feels so much nicer than having the splint on, not really sure if I am meant to do that but will find out Friday. Maybe once I have a wrist wrap I might not need to do that.
Here is a little back ground of my story.
I have been off work now for four months as I can not return until 100 % which has been difficult. When work sent me to their work doctor they decided they would treat my pain for carpal tunnel and did not send me for MRI just a hand therapist who decided that splinting my arms for 8 weeks was the way to correct my hands. When I finally got referred to the specialist he was not happy as the splints had coursed other issues which made it hard to know what he was looking at. Even I could not explain where the pain was coming from then.
You are very right in one of your posts MountainReader having a hand specialist that is good makes a lot of difference. For anyone looking at having Ulna shortening very important you do you back ground checking and get the right person.
I will keep you updated and will look forward to your updates.