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new to Crohns

I was just diagnosed with Crohn's

I had a horrible night. I spent hours on the toilet in horrible pain. it comes in waves. It feels as if I am backed up. When it comes, the stool is forced out in small ribbons and is bloody. Its so powerful, I get hemorrhoids and fissures.

I have been having this for about 3 months untreated. I am going to start Asacol tomorrow. I am bit nervous about these drugs, but hopefully they will help. It appears my issues are in my bowl.

I hope there is no serious damage from going this long without medication. Does this all sound familiar to you guys?

My colon is in massive pain. One question I have is when do I need to go to the hospital? Is this life threatening? I called my doc but he said im probably just backed up. I would hate to ignore an issue that needs hospitalization.

thanks guys

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