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Re: Vitamin D Side Effects - Hungry and Sleepy ?

Hi There. I was low in vitamin d..and took it for 3 weeks and it went back up into the normal range..i dont remember feeling tired on it..not sure about hungry..but i dont remember feeling sleepy on fact i felt more fog free if that makes sense...more awake..i am also on nexium for acid reflux so would take nexium in the morning and the vitamin d with food at lunch time...i was suprised my levels went up after only 3 weeks on it and only 1000 ius a day..must be the australian sunshine..

I am however low in iron and starting taking iron supplements for 2 days and had palpitations and lovely constipation(which may have caused the palpitations) so am looking at take herbal iron instead..vitamin d was a breeze compared to the iron..anyone else have issues with iron tablets?

Hope you start to feel better soon.