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Hello. Makes sense to ruled out everything. However, to my understanding it's very difficult to see a perlymph fistula in the ear due to the fact that it's a very very tiny tear. It's not until surgery that the Dr "MAY" see the leakage in the middle ear. Part of the reason why the surgery is considered an "exploratory". During the surgery the Dr. will stuff the middle ear w/ a small tissue graft. And as the patient recovers, if the patient respond positively to the surgery than a tear in the middle ear was the issue. If not, then it's something else causing the symptoms. I have gone to several Drs. for 2nd opinons and neither agreed with one another. Pretty much why I am in the limbo and continually pushing through my condition as I try to find a help on Diagnose. There is one place called Metropolitan Ear Group I would really like to try but I don't have the insurance. So I have to save funds.

I see that you are in the DMV area so maybe you would be interested in trying them out

One thing that has helped me to cope better is making sure all my Vitamin and Mineral levels esp Vitamin D, Iron, Potassium & Magnesium are adequate in addition to staying very very hydrated, eating light every 2-3 hours and PLENTY of sleep. I hope this helps and hope you get an answer soon. ~cheers Claudia~

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