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Re: Ankle Fusion vs BTK Amputation

Hi I also had the STAR ankle replacement and 4 surgeries that failed and recently had the STAR removed and the InBone II put in my Dr Haddad of Glenview, IL. I am just wondering how you are or what they said the reason was for it to fail. He said I never should have had the STAR as it was not right for my ankle. I am trying to find anyone that has also had this problem to talk to.

Originally Posted by panhines View Post
I too am hopeful you'll give us an update, Tom. I've had 10 ankle surgeries. Most recently I had a STAR ankle replacement. A few years ago I had a fusion and it was fine, until my surrounding joints started to fall apart. My doc told me the STAR would give me back the ROM, thus taking some of the pressure off of my surrounding joints. The STAR was a total failure. I'm in more pain - both my ankle AND the surrounding joints - than I was before the replacement. Unfortunately, my doc doesn't want to admit that and said I need to stop whining. So I went to another doc, who agreed that the replacement failed miserably and I need revision surgery.

I've been semi-incapacitated for my daughter's entire life (she's 10). I used to be a competitive bodybuilder, aggressive skiier, and aerobics instructor. Now I have to ask my mother - age 77 - to slow down when we walk together.

I first started joking about how I should "just have my ankle amputated because at least then I'd be able to be active", not realizing this was an actual possibility. After years of looking into it, and numerous unsuccessful surgeries, I'm really really leaning towards the BTK amputation. Who cares about having 10 toe nails to paint if I can't ski / dance / hike / walk??????

I can't live life this immobile. I will keep trying until something either works or kills me.