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connection between ear problems and severe anxiety? someone help!!

Hello everyone, my name is John and im just trying to get some answers. For the last year and a half ive been struggling horribly with anxiety and some depression. It has caused me to quit my jobs and be stuck at home more than I want to be. Ive never used to be like this and my doctors keep telling me its just anxiety. But im having other issues that just dont make sense. Well when since I was a kid ive always had ear issues in my right ear. This past December I had the flu/cold and my left ear became infected i suppose. and since then my left ear has been just as horrible as my right ear. I went to the ENT last year before my left ear got like this. I lost health insurance so I could not go to get the catscan on my ear like he wanted me to. I believe after reading and doing research ive been feeling the way I have because of an inner ear disorder. The anxiety is horrible. I have issues with my ears nearly everyday..not always pain but I have to clean them both everyday and about twice in the last year or so Ive seen a little bit of blood too when I cleaned them. I know something is up with my ears. and after hearing inner ear can cause a lot of symptoms I believe its it. I just wish someone could give me some answers or help me if they sound like me or been through what I have. I have brain fog, confusion, dizzy spells or vertigo, acid reflux, anxiety so bad I cant do long drives anymore, I dont like to drive anymore because I get nervous too much, and my vision is not right and i have eye floaters and vision disturbances, aches, pains, no energy.....i could keep going and name more if you would like to know what else! lol im sorry Ive typed so much. I just wish someone can give me some information on inner ear and if they feel I have an inner ear problem with not just one ear now but both ears. I get ringing sometimes ..and sometimes one will close up and i cant hear well and i have to pop my ear...i rarely have a day i feel even 80%...I havent been 100% in close to 2 years because of this...SOMEONE HELP! PLEASE! thank you!!!

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