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Re: Ankle Fusion vs BTK Amputation

So Trudove, you went to IBJI to see Dr. Haddad. There are 50 or more doctors affiliated with IBJI in the NW Chicago area. I recently saw a different doc - one that specializes in the foot rather than the ankle, which seems to be Haddad's specialty. This doctor recommended the triple arthrodesis and repair of the midfoot fusion (again.) He is somewhat optimistic that he can "fix" my problem so that I have less pain. This doctor also conceded that amputation is an alternative, but I think he would be happier doing the fusion than the guillotine amputation he would do (unless I insisted that he do an Ertl procedure.) As several people in this thread have mentioned, doing a fusion puts extra stress on nearby joints, thereby expediting further surgeries. And, the fusion surgery doesn't really have a high probably of success. That leads me to more surgeries, too, and that's the last thing that I want.

I wonder what your thoughts are about Dr. Haddad, and what lead you to him. I, too, was given his name, but I opted for a doctor that does more surgeries of the feet than Dr. Haddad. There is another IBJI doctor - a third doctor - who does Ertl amputations. I am thinking about seeing him for another opinion. I don't want to bounce from doctor to doctor, but I need an accurate diagnosis, a solid approach for treatment, and confidence and comfort with the doctor who will do the surgery.
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