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Re: connection between ear problems and severe anxiety? someone help!!

John, it seems that you are having some symptoms that relate to ear problems and some that probably do not. The inner ear could be causing the symptoms of ringing in ears, vertigo (a spinning sensation different than "dizziness). If your ears feel plugged up and you have to pop them, it is usually middle ear pressure imbalance that is often caused by allergies and associated fluid congestion. Some people are prone to ear wax buildup that can also clog the ear canal and feel annoying and uncomfortable. These things should all be checked by an ENT. If wax is the issue , removal will give instant relief. If allergies and middle ear congestion, that can be treated as well. Inner ear problems often require a little more testing to find the cause. The fatigue, brain fog, confusion, aches and pains could be something else. It would be good to get a general check-up to check for common things like an underactive thyroid (can cause depression), but depression itself can cause aches and pains and fatigue, and unclear thinking, etc. So if no physical cause for the symptoms can be found with a general checkup and labs, you may feel better on an antidepressant with anti-anxiety properties. Anxiety and depression occur together in many people, and both can be treated effectively. Many people worry excessively about their health, and just getting things checked out may give you some relief from that. Be sure to tell your Dr all your symptoms, so he/she can be thorough in evaluating your situation.

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