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Re: connection between ear problems and severe anxiety? someone help!!

Try using warm olive oil or any natural vegetable oil in your ear. Do it before a shower and use an old towel/ face cloth to mop up the oil that dribbles everywhere. It will be good for your skin anyway so don't get frustrated 'cos it's a bit messy. It will soothe and clear the wax from your ear.

Your anxiety may just be because you are hyper-sensitive. You may have a slightly injured ear but as long as you can hear, it's not major and in the realm of normal. Your job probably didn't suit you anyway. Go and volunteer for a library or an organic farm or with helping animals to get some strength and confidence back. Someone may offer you a new job. Take walks everyday and focus on eating good nutrition. Vitamin C, A and D - fruit, vegetables and things like organic butter will all help. You eat less of better, more nutritious food so the costs balance out. Avoid anti-depressants as they will do long-term damage to your liver, heart and kidneys, as well as your nervous system, leaving you with nervous tremors etc much worse that you original complaints.

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