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Smile Re: ct scan on neck and chest !

Ladubud , thank u so much for ur reply . I.visited my ENT dr andsaid nothing to worry about and the lymph in the neck will heal soon and no worries !
I counsalted him about my chest CT scan and he said nothing to worry about ( so far ) and i MUST QUIT smoking ....
So my lymph node in neck will heal and in lungs as well as he said its a side effect of smoking heavy for several years !
Now im faceing hard time quiting smoking and tries to quit but its reallllllly hard

Im going to see another dr within the next few days to ask him about my chest ct

Btw i did a CBC , liver and kidny function 2 days be4 the ct scan and came back all fine and within the normal ranges !
Dont u think if i have something i'll be showing abnormal results ?!

Thanksssss again u were a great help