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Re: new to Crohns

yes, I do have the labs. At first, they said the biopsies were inconclusive, but I for sure had colitis of some sort. This was evident. My doctor sent out my blood to a specialty lab called Prometheus IBD SGI Diagnostic. They ran my blood checking for markers, i.e. specific antigens. The results came back consistent and positive for Crohns.

Based on the Colonoscopy report, showing my colon inflamed, and the the blood marker test, I was diagnosed with Crohns Colitis.

I asked how accurate these test are, and he assured me they were about 95% accurate, and felt it was clear based off what he was seeing. He said I could do another Colonoscopy, but that would be unnecessary hardship in his opinion.

I tried Rewasa last night, and had a bad reaction to it. I just left the hospital. I can pretty much say with certainty that I am intolerant to mesaline. I had watery diarrhea all night after taking the suppository along with nausea. Then, I began to run a fever and feel weak and dizzy. I went to the ER scared I had an infection in the GI track. While there, a few hours later, my fever went away. They gave me no fever reducer while I was there, only saline and some anti nausea medication.

All of these are listed in the the medication side effects, and only came on after taking it, then the fever left after a few hours of coming on.

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