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Re: Thyroid a factor for osteoperosis? I'm also on Strontium

HI Ktnap, how ya been? I have Graves Disease (hyperthyroid), but since being treated i am considered hypo, since i am on total thyroid replacement. Having thyroid issues, either hyper or hypo , can be very hard on the bones. I have no family history or other risk factors for osteo, but believe mine came from being hyper. I've been very luck, since treatment and getting on the right dose, which has changed over the years, i've felt good.

Good luck with the doctor search. Are you looking for and endo or a knowledgeable family doctor? Hopefully you can find one who will listen to how you feel and treat that way and not one who goes strictly by the numbers.

I'm not familiar with the Paleo diet, can you share your version of it? What supplements are you taking? take care, phyllis
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