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Re: connection between ear problems and severe anxiety? someone help!!

Probably. The jaw joint (TMJ), the ear canal, the zygomatic arch (the cheek bone) and the eye socket all can affect each other. Also the trigeminal nerve branch is in this area too, and can really cause pain and misery when somethings putting pressure on it.

Maybe, try the warm olive oil, or some such preparation from the drug store to clear ears, like Waxsol, and maybe TMJ strengthening exercises that might take pressure off your ear canal, if that's the problem (?).

I know running helps prevent ocular (eye) deterioration, but that's a long-term fitness thing.

So, stop fixating on your ear (...I mean this in a nice way..) and get exercising, eating good nutrition and getting yourself out into the good community and into a job you like. Most people have to live with some kind of medical condition they don't want or like (eczema, flat feet, poor digestion,etc) but that's just the way it is. It's the realm of normal. Doctors and pharmaceutical companies, in most cases, not all, can make your health and finances worse. Fix it yourself. You're already on the right track with your reading.

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