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Re: Graves Disease Question

I got a response from the Dr this evening. this is what he said.

The thyroid antibodies (TG and TPO) are positive in the vast majority of people with Graves Disease. The antibodies do not go away. So it is not surprising that they are still there. Graves disease is not particularly associated with nodules in the thyroid (thyroid gets big but not nodular). Nodules in the thyroid are very common, more so in women, more with aging. The appropriate follow up for these nodules is a repeat thyroid ultrasound in one year. If they are stable or smaller then no further evaluation. If greater then 1 cm, then biopsy. If bigger but not greater than 1 cm then repeat ultrasound following year.
If you are still having pain on swallowing despite use of omeprazole I would suggest that you see an ENT doctor. You could discuss with your local doc who you could see locally or I could refer you to ENT here."
Your Dexamethasone Suppression Test resulted in a cortisol of 0.5 which is completely normal and rules out Cushings Disease. Thus I am still unable to find a hormonal reason for your symptoms.""

So....I sent him back a message stating the I feel it could be hashimotos and listed the symptoms I have that could go along with that.
I asked if we could at least try a thyroid replacement med to see if it made any difference.
I also told him I'm concerned with the osteopenia progressing, and the heart palpatations. The cardiologist wants to do an ablation procedure---but if there's any possibility that the irregular heartbeats are from the thyroid, I don't want that procedure. I'm on day 3 of 30 wearing a heart monitor (this is the 2nd time I've done this) to hopefully narrow down better what kind of irregular beats are going on. They said it was SVT's previously, but the meds prescribed didn't take care of it. I'm just dragging my feet having that procedure done.....

OH--I looked at the pics of the rashes listed with the Lupus info. What I have isn't anything like those. Mine is much more mild than those. It's not really even raised, just like speckles/blotches on my hands/forearms.

Ugh....thank you again for all of your responses. I really appreciate it!