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Re: Change in seizures? Need help!

Originally Posted by TimeToLiveLife View Post
Last night, I started having all my indications that I was about to have a seizure.. started getting dizzy and nauseated.. "knowing" that one was coming. However, instead of my usual (simple partial) slurred speech and staggering, I started having this strange sensation. It felt like there was an earthquake but I was very aware that it was coming from me and not from the world around me. I didn't lose consciousness. I'm pretty sure that it didn't cause a lot of movement on the outside of my body. It only lasted a few seconds. It was not a pleasant feeling and it happened three times within a span of a half hour. Has anyone had a seizure like this before? Or know what this may be? I'm a little freaked out.
Were you completely aware of your surroundings during this "new" type of seizure? If so, it may have still been a simple partial, but stemming from another part of the brain. I have had many different types of simple partial seizures myself.
Otherwise, it could have been a complex partial seizure if there was some lose of awareness, confusion, etc.

If you do an internet search on "complex partial seizure" you can get a bit more information and maybe determine what type of seizure you had.

Also, maybe discuss this with your Dr./Neuro.
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