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Originally Posted by changedforever6 View Post
not sure what they did to your ankle or foot, but ankles take a long time to get better from. You need to work on strengthening the ankle to the point where you CAN do heel lifts with one foot at a time. It will take a while. Don't start any exercises without the doc approval though. I had to go to PT for more than two months for mine and I still have to work on it at home every day. I won't give up! Heel raises on that side are very hard, but I figure if I do what I can every day, plus the band strengthening exercises I should keep getting stronger. Do you see a ortho that specializes in foot and ankle problems?
I had a brostrom procedure on my ankle and did 7 weeks of PT. After about 5 weeks of PT, I was able to do heel lifts on one foot.
Then this new pain started, on the opposite side of my ankle and in my foot, and I'm not able to do the heel lifts, even though I do band strengthening exercises daily still. It doesn't seem related to the ankle! That had been pretty well healed and my ortho doc was very pleased with it. Yes, I do see an ortho that specialzes in foot and ankle problems (: