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Question Shaving my armpits

Hey there everyone,

I moved to Europe from New Zealand last year and it's been great - until summer comes around and I go to the beach with my wife.

The problem is my hairy armpits, which no one has here. Everyone shaves their armpits in Europe, and I have no idea why. At first I didn't even notice, but then I ended up in a hot bus with everyone's arms lifted up, holding on to handles, and I thought "Whoah, that's weird." I'm sure there are exceptions, but since that bus trip I've noticed that all guys in Europe, both young and old all seem to shave their armpits.

Feeling self conscious I asked my wife about it and she said it's normal here, all the guys shave their armpits and I shouldn't be afraid to try it if I wanted to, but ultimately she doesn't mind and it's my choice.

So here's my dilemma. In New Zealand and Australia (and probably the USA) almost no guys shave their armpits. Every time I go up to the beaches I keep my arms down because I feel like a neanderthal compared to the locals.

I've never shaved my pits before and I'm uncomfortable about it. However I read that removing the hair would reduce body odour. I shower every day and I'm not old, so my nose works fine but on a really hot day I can start to smell body odour by 5pm.

So, internet what would you do in my situation. Summer's just arriving and I'm confused. Should I shave them or not?


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