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Re: Wired shut and need nutrition ideas.

I have been there many times. Do you have arch bars in? The longest I wore them was 14 months and I would not with it on anyone. I could not use a straw either & Shands gave me a huge syringe with a long rubber tube to attach to the end. I take it you are using the same? Walmart and Bunny Bread stores if you have one sell a quick & EASY soup mix by " Shore Lunch" that comes in many flavors. I would cook it on the stove & then put it in the blender with a little cooked venison, ground beef or canned tuna. Also fruit smoothies. Buy what is in season add orange juice to keep your vitamins up. If I NEVER have a milk shake, grits or mashed potatoes again in this life I will be just fine! I feel for you but stay strong you will come out of this stronger than ever before. I also shot in a lot of Gatoraid to try & stay hydrated.
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