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Re: Thyroid a factor for osteoperosis? I'm also on Strontium

Hi Phylwill! I take a multivitamin with 1000 of D2, plus another 1000 of D2 later in the day. I always include some fat, either with fish oil or egg or some kind of meat when I take it. I count calories and if I don't get enough calcium through my diet in a day, I'll take calcium citrate away from a meal or if I need a lot of calcium, I'll take calcium carbonate with a meal (not very often). I take Strontium daily (away from calcium or calcium sources). I also take 50 mcg Levothyroxine, I added L-Tryptophan to help me sleep at the suggestion of a nurse practitioner, but I'm not sure it's helping all that much. She also suggested I could try Valerian Root, but I have a supply of the other stuff when I ordered my Strontium. Boy, that list seems like a lot but I'm quite sure I'm even still missing something....

At any rate, I do have an appt with a new doc in June, but I'm not holding out much hope. She's with a family practice, but I chose her because reviews said she listens well and the copay is cheaper with that place through my insurance. A friend of mine in Florida (also with thyroid issues) always has the best of luck with finding doctors even though she moves a lot. She says she sticks with a D.O. It seems like they have her trying the things that I find suggested in the research I've done.

She's like you, started with Graves, but when she was pregnant she had several miscarriages and now she is hypo. She used to be stick thin in high school. She's always so "bloated" now. She also has Celiac. I think I may be, too since I find eating gluten-free helps a lot.

I'm not doing Paleo totally (I haven't given up dairy or little treats now and then), but I have found it very helpful to give up wheat, eat meats more and pay more attention to vegetables.) I called it Paleo because I have a very good book on slow cooking for that diet and mainly follow that for my meals now, except breakfast.

I think poor nutrition may be what had gotten me into the mess I was last year. I had fallen for the "low fat" lies and basically lived on low-fat frozen dinners and low fat other things. Even though I'm eating these meats and things, I'm LOSING weight and at 97 lbs. ... I have to eat MORE to keep my weight up, but I do have more energy and even though I've lost weight, FEEL fatter. I don't know if it's psychological or if it's all just "shifting", but if it continues, I'll probably try giving up dairy and the other things I don't want to... It seems I've deprived myself all my life (with the lower fat options) and I may have to deprive myself of more things I love (cheese, milk, sweets). I do still walk and also still exercise with weights.

I didn't mean for this to be so long and realize this crosses the threshold of the Osteoperosis thread into thyroid....I just didn't think I'd seen the connection made here, so I thought I'd put out a little survey...