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Re: Scar tissue tears around bone donor site - how to get rid of it?

[QUOTE=teteri66;5170327]Welcome to the board. Are you referring to scar tissue that is on the surface of the skin?[/QUOTE]

No its the internal scar tissue that has formed in and around the actual bone graft site (the void from where the bone was removed). From my understanding the scar tissue is attached to muscles and nerves and when on occasions I over stretch it is though someone is sticking a sharp object into my back. Within 12 hours the leg pain starts and the graft site becomes extremely tender. With the right treatment it settles within 3-6 days.

What I am wanting to know is whether ultrasound on a long term basis will slowly break down some or any of the old tissue as well as any new tissue that forms following a tear. Thus reducing the number of tears in the future.