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Re: Thyroid a factor for osteoperosis? I'm also on Strontium

Hi Ktnap, we are taking similar supplements, but i also take extra magnesium to compliment the calcium. I've been taking it for a few years now, but it was a few months after i started it that i realized i was sleeping better. I sleep around 5 hours a night and its a deep sleep. Magnesium has a calming effect on the body so maybe that's what helps with sleeping.

Another thought about when you see your new doctor, have a list of everything you want to discuss, make sure she sees the list and answers all your questions.

I don't lose weight, but i haven't gained either. I lost weight when hyper T, but gained back what i lost after treatment and have maintained that weight for going on 10 years. You might want to ask the doctor to check and see if there is a reason you are losing weight despite your trying to gain. Are you eating any carbs? Where our bones are concerned its best to weight at least 127 lbs. so the impact of walking and such is enough force to keep the bones strong.

We try to eat a balanced diet here. My husband has type 2 diabetes so i try to make meals that are good for him. We eat lots of veggies, have at least one or 2 meatless meal a week (we had a 2 bean enchilada casserole this week that was really good), and have cut way back on red meat. We both exercise, walk most everyday and go to the gym 3 days. Have a good Sunday, take care, phyllis
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