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Re: new to Crohns

it seems to be only in my colon, however Im starting to get pain in my lower right abdominal quadrant, and just left of my belly button as well. I guess I could always go to a second doc.

I find it odd that as as soon as I took the 4gram dose of rewassa, I got cramping, nausea, water diarrhea, and then a fever. I then got very weak and dizzy. I thought the fever could have been an infection so I went to the ER. about 2 hours later, the fever went away on its own, no drugs. Blood came back normal with no signs of fever, and CT showed inflammation in the colon, but that's it. The pain on the lower right radiates to my lower right back as well.

After not taking any more Rewassa, I have no more diarrhea, but I do have urgency with little to no stool, and mucus.

The prednisone they want me to take is of great concern for me, because I have had under performing adrenals with low cortisol in the past, and often do not handle steroids well. I could look into hydrocortisol suppositories, although that can give me similar issues....