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Re: Thyroid a factor for osteoperosis? I'm also on Strontium

Percan, Thanks for the response! I was diagnosed with Osteoperosis about six years ago. I just found out about the Thyroid malfunction in the past year, although I believe I've been suffering with it since my early 40s (I've definitely had most of the symptoms for many years and instead of getting to the root cause, the doctor just wanted to give me a prescription for every symptom I mentioned. Thankfully, I wouldn't take the prescriptions she offered). She could have saved me a lot of misery if she would have just gotten down to the root cause.

That's okay, Phylwill....I hear that sort of thing from doctors every time I go. I really don't listen because I have ALWAYS been small framed. I fell about three times in the past year (the one time explained in my first post, the other two on ice) and didn't break a bone even though I fell on my left hip and used my hand to break two of the wrists are VERY thin). I've weighed in the 96-102 weight range for a very long time. I got up to 104 last year before being diagnosed with Hashimotos... I AM 5'4" which I agree most people would be severely underweight, but this just isn't the case with me. I was only bringing up weight because
I'm happy at 98-101 range, but since beginning the Paleo, I consistently find myself dropping to 97 and don't want to go I just eat more. I do gain it. I'm an ectomorph in every aspect and hard to develop defined muscles EXCEPT when I gain weight it shows just in my tummy. That's why I'm thinking it might be inflammation (and might mean that dairy might need to go as well) and also hindering thyroid function. It's ALL so very complicated as I think it was too many carbs that got me in this mess. I feel MUCH better (energy, sleep, less brain fog) when I consciously eat more protein and fats and less carbs than I had been, which the Paleo diet fits very well. I also keep track of myfoods on a free calorie website and it gives me an analysis of my nutritional content in a day.

Oh, and I knew I would forget something... I take K2 supplements also. And, I do have Magnesium supplements (K2 and Magnesium are also in my daily vitamin), but can't take the extra Magnesium everyday since it *ahem* loosens me up too much. I will take 1/2 to 1 at night if I've been kinda constipated during the day. You're right, it does help with sleep when I take it. I also think the Citrate taken at night helps a bit with that, but I don't take one if I've reached 1500g calcium with food. I don't know what I'll do about getting the calcium if I find I need to give up dairy. I haven't thought that far ahead.

I, too, LOVE almond milk, but the fat content is pretty high when I'm eating these Paleo meals so I'll drink skim if my website counter says my fat is passing the 35% range...I'm finding it psychologically difficult to consciously eat more fat when I avoided it for so many years!! I'm hoping THAT's why I FEEL so fat. But, how could I be at 97 lbs.??