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Re: Am I the Only One With Unsuppressed TSH?

Originally Posted by verycomplicated View Post
Thank you both for your suggestions. My doctor put me on propranolol 20mg, which I take twice a day, so my heart rate is running about 94 resting now & the palpitations have calmed down. She is not testing my free T3, nor has she mentioned cytomel. I am going to fax her questions about this on monday. I go for a full physical w/ the internal medicine doc Friday & she works in the same medical group as my endocrinologist, so I will ask her if she can add the tests to see where I am & see if she might add the cytomel if I don't get an answer sooner. At least she has access to all my labs.
My endo did mention Tirosint when I was having thyroid storm, but I've stayed w/ the levo generic for cost reasons since I already have so much medical expense, making sure its the same manufacturer. My doc seemed to want to keep me at 175 mcg, but I begged her to lower it, hopefully, not to my detriment.

What other tests should I ask for? What level should my T3 be? what values are considered hypo vs hyper for free T3?
Thanks for the info!
When my T3 was done, it was low---61. Normal is 76-181. Usually people with thyroid cancer don't think about that much, unless they feel very tired---when the body isn't converting the T4 to T3. My endo was not the one who tested this and didn't even know my numbers. She readily put me on cytomel, when I said I felt tired. I would like to take it twice a day, but I know I would never remember, and that would affect my TSH if I wasn't consistent.

One of the most important indicators is TG---Thyroglobulin. Were you taken off synthroid for a whole body scan and TG test? What was your TG then?

What is it while you are on Synthroid (suppressed). The issue with taking generic is that it can be off in strength by 10%. And, every time you get it refilled, you could be getting a different manufacturer. I take it you don't have prescription coverage. If you go to the Synthroid site, there are usually coupons.