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Goiter that shrinks and swells

I just wanted to ask have any users any experience of the above- I have a goiter that shrinks and swells through the day. Evening times it appears more swollen and stressful periods.I was diagnosed with underactive thyroid 2011 on 50 mgs of levothyroxine ever since. It is quite noticeable and the endiocrine I am dealing with seems baffled by the fluctuations in size but has noticed it at appointments. I have symptoms at times ranging from tiredness to shakes tremors and anxiety ,etc and my antibodies have been tested positive. I am currently on waiting list for ultrasound to check for nodules etc. i get thyroid bloods done every 3 months and all my levels at present have came in within range. ( endiocrine and doctor have reviewed these) help has anyone had this?

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