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Re: Goiter that shrinks and swells

Well, my original ENT, who I started all this with, Said a "neoplasm" is just a growth of some sort. Follicular cells. He is "90% sure" it's just an adenoma." He made sure to say "could it be cancer?..yes. .....but I very confident these nodules are adenomas". And he told me to come back in 6 months for a follow up.

Wasn't good enough for me. On to 2nd Ent...for 2nd opinion.

This last one seemed fantastic. He was optimistic, yet concerned. Strange thing is, this "huge" lump I'm worried about, didn't bother him as much as a little 5mm one on the opposite side that shows calcification on the ultrasound. He said the same thing though in terms of "follicular neoplasm". Its basically not even a result. Because they would need the whole thyroid to see if it was cancer or not. For sure it's follicular cells growing/overgrowing where they shouldn't be. But I have 7 nodules total, and now a positive ANA, plus all the hypothyroid symptoms. Most likely Hashimotos. This new ENT said it was no rush for surgery. Said its a very good chance none of these are cancerous. So we are going to re-evaluate in september for the surgery issue. BUT..........I feel it is a good sign that after just 4 days of Synthroid, my "huge lump" I was feeling, is around 80% smaller. Still there a tiny bit, but I have to work to find it. Which makes me think (hope) that means its probably benign. Hoping the others are too!

my TSH was 2.5. Which isn't outrageous. But it is for me!! I've never been over a 1.9. So this ENT knew something was up, and started the synthroid to suppress things, calm my thyroid down, and best case scenario, shrink nodules!

keep bugging the doctors. Thats what I finally did. In fact, I got the the point, I actually called them out on their crap. Made them realize i'm not stupid, and I know they are doing the minimum needed to treat me. So they did more tests...reluctantly. And gee..what do you know...thats when we found the positive ANA. Jerks. The patient shouldn't have to beg for tests or procedures. A decent doctor would KNOW and not give up till they figure it out. GRRRRRRR. It's my newest pet peeve.

So keep on them. Don't take their passive answers if you are concerned about something. . Especially when you KNOW something is going on. TELL them to test certain things, if need be. Make em' work for their money. If things are swelling and shrinking, they should be able to give you a reason why! That's their job!