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Re: Ulnar shortening

Originally Posted by MountainReader View Post
I talked to my PT some more about my new pain near the osteotomy site. He had me hold up my arm and showed me that my right one (that had the surgery) was a bit thinner than my left. Even though I use my right arm a lot, I guess I've been very protective of it for some things and I do have muscle to re-build up. It has been over 2 years since my original wrist injury so I know I shouldn't expect 'normal' too quickly. Anyway, he said that some pain is OK as I develop the muscles. If it gets worse, he will re-evaluate and change up my exercises so I'm not putting as much stress on the area.

Unfortunately, it appears I may be developing tendonitis in my left hand now. I'll keep icing and keep an eye on it, but I'm not happy about it after all this.

Keep us posted on your testing results and what your next steps are.

I really can't answer your question about the swelling very well. I had the plaster cast/splint on for 2 weeks after my surgery, then switched to a fiberglass cast. I know I had a lot of swelling that went down prior to the cast. I also know that I needed a new cast after about 1 1/2 weeks because so much more swelling had gone down that the cast was too loose. I'd guess you are around that same point in your healing by now. I will say that I used a lot of ice throughout the healing process, even over the casts. It made me feel better, even for a bit.

Take care.
Hi MountainReader

Sounds rather nasty you are trying to sort one thing and develop something else on top. This all must be very hard for you working as well . Is this covered under insurance for you ? Mine is all work insurance covered and know it is very costly as mine has been caused through work injury, and because of my work place with safety I can not return unless I am 100% which is driving me crazy. They have me working light duties else where part time but not the same.
So with the exercises to rebuild your arm do you go to the gym to do this or just at home ? Does your PT say how long to expect for the muscle to return to normal ? I have had all my test done this week but still have to get my MRI down as both appointments been cancelled due to machine break down so going to the other side of the city on Friday to get it done now. The X-ray shows ulna bone to long, ultra sound of the nerve showed a little thinning but the MRI is the best result. Have me PT this Tuesday so can't wait as I hate the waiting game.
My swelling has gone down a lot I think my split is causing the issues so will get it re fitted again on Tuesday as well. I will let you know how I get on after seeing my PT.
look forward to hearing from you
Kind regards