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Re: Frustrated!

Thank you for your response. You gave me some valuable information that I didn't have. I'm not sure yet what I want to do. One thing is certain, though, is that I'm not ending antibiotics until I get a clear idea of what should be done. . . SHOULD be done, not necessarily what is commonly done. That is going to take more research. I'm finding a lot of information that I need to review and think about, not the least of which is the politics of this. I am absolutely certain that I'm on the right track. I've had too many reduction of symptoms -- subjective and objective symptoms -- while on Amoxil to think that it isn't. I've suffered for over 5 years. To have major reduction of my long list of symptoms is significant. Such as my blood pressure has typically run around 160/90 and no medication could get it lower. Within 3 days of Amoxil it dropped to 120/70 and stayed there for the last 4 weeks (I'm still on Amoxil). My pulse always run around 110-120 even at rest. It's now 76 and has been since 3 days after I started the Amoxil. The profound fatigue is abating. And on and on. I refuse to give up, and I refuse to go backwards. Now, I need time and information so I can make intelligent and informed decisions and demands from healthcare providers. Thank you all for this board, and especially your response.

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