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Re: Am I the Only One With Unsuppressed TSH?

Thanks Reece,
I am going to ask for a free T3 test, since I haven't had one and talk about adding Cytomel. I will fax my doctor tomorrow. My internist read the notes from my last appt. w/ the endo. & she wants to raise my levo dosage at the next appt. in July.

I tried synthroid & I might be allergic to the dye in it or something but I was on fire and had migraines. I make sure the manufacturer of the levo is always the same.
I wouldn't be surprised if my body wasn't converting correctly b/c my pain specialist said my body is converting codeine to morphine on urine testing. My body seems to react oppositely alot of the time. I've been told by my allergist that I have beta receptor polymorphism which when using albuterol for an asthma attack, it closes me up further. I guess I'm wired backwards, haha