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Re: Am I the Only One With Unsuppressed TSH?

Thanks Linda--
do you get a total T3 or free T3? which one has the results you're talking about?
I never had a WBS or I-131 & started levothyroxine right when I discharged from the hospital. The surgical oncologist wanted me to have both and the endocrinolgist I already see, said there wasn't much difference in the outcome(even with stage 4 papillary, follicular variant), so she didn't want to do either & she'd rather follow me closely.My endo said my Tg should be under 2 and the 1st one 6 wks after surgery was .39; free T4 was 1.85 & TSH was 1.6 & should be less than .1
levo was raised to 150 & Sept values after 6wks on 175mcg: free T4 2.76;
TSH .056; Tg .14 In Nov., free T4 1.8, TSH .18--had no quality of life & decreased levo to 150. In march free T4 was 2.34, TSH was .80 & Tg was .22 on the 150 dose--still felt awful so dropped to 137mcg and my april #'s were 1.8 and TSH 1.36. Crazy, huh?

Synthroid caused thyroid storm, migraines & I was on fire. Tirosint was going to cost close to $100/mo. and I already have costs in the hundreds for RX's & medical supplies even with an RX plan.
Your suggestions are very helpful and I will be faxing my doctor to ask about testing & cytomel--thanks so much!