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Re: Am I the Only One With Unsuppressed TSH?

Originally Posted by Linda1652 View Post
The values were for a total T3. You must be outside of the US, because I don't know about Tirosint! That is very interesting that your endo didn't think you needed RAI. Refresh my memory on the size of the tumor. From my understanding, the surgeon isn't able to get the "remnants" of the thyroid, thus the need to get rid of (ablate) what is left.
OK...I read back to your first post. The reason they want us to take the real Synthroid is to avoid issues like yours. I may have already said that in another post. I am too lazy to go back again. The generics can be up to 10% off.

In the US, because of the lymph node involvement, you would get at the minimum 150 RAI. I only got 100, because my endo wasn't thinking clearly!! In the US you would have RAI---no questions asked. The only time they don't give it if the tumor is less than 1 cm with no lymph node involvement.