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Re: Frustrated!

Yes, absolutely on the natural path also. I found some good articles from Garth Nicolson, and Walter Berghoff that I've found very helpful. Dr. Nicolson outlined many things in addition to abx that were necessary to healing. I'm already going that way.

I am becoming more and more convinced that the problem is Lyme. I know I was bit. I know I had a large, round rash. And I know that's about the time my problems started. It's the most likely culprit, and the one I've believed all along. Because of it, I'm now disabled and getting social security. In my community, no doctors will take Medicare. None. Zip. That's a political story that I won't get into now. The only medical care is a low-income clinic. It's the only game in town or for as far a drive as I've been able to find. Doctors don't like Medicare. And I can't afford to pay for care out of my pocket unless I live under a bridge and stop eating. I'm sure the situation isn't uncommon. My point is that whatever is done, I'm on my own. I won't get a lyme literate doctor. At the clinic, I'm lucky if they listen to me at all about anything. You have to be squirting blood from an artery, or no heart beat before they listen. They certainly won't go beyond AMA guidelines and only with a + lyme test, which I've tested negative after I demanded the test a couple years ago. (I watched "Under Your Skin,")

One concern I have with the Amoxil is that the little buggers are most likely into my joints. The Amoxil isn't helping any of the arthritis symptoms. Very painful joints and muscles, but x-rays show no arthritis. "Just fibromyalgia." So I'm wondering if another abx is more able to penetrate into the joints???

Cipro will penetrate into the joints, but I'm finding mixed information about Cipro for Lyme. Some in vitro studies show that it's effective, but in vivo says no. Mice show Cipro is effective, but no clinical trials I've found show that it's effective in humans. Does anyone have any experience with Cipro? Don't automatically rule it out, please answer if you have experience with it one way or another, or know of a clinical trial I can review. Thanks!