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Re: Am I the Only One With Unsuppressed TSH?

Originally Posted by verycomplicated View Post
my primary tumor was 1.6cm w/ 4 involved lymph nodes and I know what you're saying about treatment, as that's what I've read but, here's what my doctor said, coming from USC in Los Angeles. she said anywhere else in the nation, I would have treatment, they (USC) is the only place currently thinking that there is not that much difference in the outcome. maybe that's the case for my stage4 papillary carcinoma, follicular variant, I don't know. (maybe I have too many other medical conditions that might compromise things?)That's all I can remember, as she said it's something that will be followed closely and the TSH suppression was very important, along w/ the Tg results. At least that's my understanding.
I hope I'm in good hands...
That is sooooo interesting. I had been reading that the current thinking is to not retreat people who still have TG. When I first got thyroid cancer, most Doctors would have retreated me because I have low level TG. I actually went to a conference to pick the brains of the experts to find what they would do. None would retreat me unless it started increasing. Then, I read an article (study) by one of the leading east coast experts. He said the side effects of the RAI may not be worth the treatment. There are a lot of people with thyroid cancer who insist on treatment. I did NOT want to have another if I didn't have to.

I think the USC way makes a LOT of sense. They can give you RAI if and when your tests show TG. Smart people there....