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Re: Frustrated!

Too bad your foot infection isn't responsive to an antibiotic that also kills Lyme!

Cipro is a very useful antibiotic for many different bugs. The question is if it attacks burgdorferi. Since my last post, I've found a number of clinical experiments. They are showing that Cipro is one of the better antibiotics against Lyme in vitro (in the test tube). But, a dismal failure in vivo (in a body). In this regard, it is like erythromycin with good test tube results, but doesn't do it in the body. So, I think Cipro is out.

From my research, tetracycline seems to be doing best. Next best is Zithromax. Both are good in vitro and in vivo for killing the little beast burgdorferi. Both kill it outside and inside the cells.

My concern is to use an antibiotic that kills it intracellularly and extracellularly. Treating with an antibiotic that only kills it outside the cells, for example, seems doomed to relapse since the beasts hide in the cells also, and once the abx is completed, they emerge from inside the cells, and here we go again. At least this is what my research has found.

There's so much contradictory information out there . . . not enough research, no doubt, because we are all crazy, and all the scientists in the rest of the world are delusional and the only sane doctors are at the AMA writing treatment guidelines about things they have never done day 1 with any real research! Idiots!

So, all I can do is sift through the mountain of information out there and draw my own conclusions. I'll let you know how it goes!