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Re: Am I the Only One With Unsuppressed TSH?

Originally Posted by Linda1652 View Post
That is sooooo interesting. I had been reading that the current thinking is to not retreat people who still have TG. When I first got thyroid cancer, most Doctors would have retreated me because I have low level TG. I actually went to a conference to pick the brains of the experts to find what they would do. None would retreat me unless it started increasing. Then, I read an article (study) by one of the leading east coast experts. He said the side effects of the RAI may not be worth the treatment. There are a lot of people with thyroid cancer who insist on treatment. I did NOT want to have another if I didn't have to.

I think the USC way makes a LOT of sense. They can give you RAI if and when your tests show TG. Smart people there....
Thank you Linda--You are the first person to finally make me feel like I'm not crazy for not having treatment. You have no idea how much stress & concern you have lifted off my shoulders! I am so thankful for your post back to me. I do have concerns about the long term issues from treatment & the expense, so I guess Ill calm down for now.